Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones


Best Apps For  Rooted Android Smartphone

Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones: Most of us are always curious about “what more our android phone can do?” and I know you tried to find an answer for this.You are on the right site and we will provide you a better answer for your curious question.Many people define differently about rooted android.But, in my view rooting a phone will introduce you to the new and exciting world of Android.
Once the Android phone is rooted, you can do many useful things with it.Don’t worry guys, if you not yet rooted your phone, check our article on rooting and installing custom ROMs.There are some apps that work only on rooted android beyond your expectation.

There is an immense number of benefits after rooting your Android phone. You are free to try any Custom Roms, remove stock Apps, hack games and trying to manipulate them and much more.

Here are some best apps for rooted Android smartphones which may not available on Google play store

1.Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a fantastic Application. It just not backups your files and data but also do many useful tasks like uninstalling bloatware and freeze Apps, which specifically means that you are not uninstalling the Application but prevent them from ever running. You can move or remove any Application from your SD card by using titanium backup.
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Titanium Backup



Greenify is among the first choices when you’re talking about best Rooted Applications. It maintains the cycle of all the Applications you have installed on your Android. For Ex – For how much time the particular Application is running on your Android, which Application needs to be closed but haven’t closed, which Application is draining most of your battery life.
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We can not finish the list without mentioning this app. As the name suggests it manages all the tasks for your Android from Applications to widgets, it can control everything. You can do stuff which can’t even be imagined in your wildest dreams. It is a must have Application. Moreover, the things are bizarre which can be done from this Application, it will be very handy for you if you use your Smartphone for unvisual needs.
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4.Xposed Framework

Installation of ROMs has now been replaced by this app. A favourite with developers, this one does many things like performance tweaking, visual changes, remapping of the buttons and a lot more.
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Xposed Framework

5.Super Su

It handles all root or superuser access i.e. any application trying to access system has to contact SuperSU to gain access permissions. SuperSU lets you grant or deny permission to any application requesting system privileges. It comes with lots of features like access and request logs, un-root phone, an option to auto-allow system apps, etc.
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Super Su


Flashify is another valuable tool for flashers. It can flash most things. That includes recoveries (both TWRP and CWM), zip files, kernels, GAPPs, and even the stock recovery (pro feature only). You can also backup your recovery and kernel on Google Drive or Dropbox.It’s especially nice for people who really don’t like ADB or Fastboot. The free version gives you a taste. However, the paid version has all the goods.
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Do your android device has low internal storage? Link2SD is a very great app which solves the problem regarding low device storage. It allows the users to move the apps that install in internal storage to external storage ( SD card ). In this way, you can easily free internal storage and install as many apps as you want on you low internal storage android device.
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While the newest versions of Android such as Nougat are much better at power saving and preventing battery draining app, older versions can still suffer from some heavy power drain. Servicely is an aggressive task killer that runs a service every 60 seconds (configurable) and automatically kills selected applications on your kill-list, preventing excessive power drain. Users can keep Servicely on in a dedicated background thread, or set it to run only when the screen is shut off.
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9.AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a free, open-source app. As you may have guessed, it removes ads from the device.  This one is configurable so that some unobtrusive ads get through. The app is also lightly configurable. It’s not available on the Google Play Store but there is an official link from ABP that you can use by clicking the button above. It’s definitely among the best root apps.
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AdBlock Plus

10.Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one of the best apps for rooted devices which helps in removing the ads from apps. You this app you can bypass premium applications license verification. In addition to this, you can easily backup and restore the apps. It is a must-have app for rooted devices.
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Lucky Patcher



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