Google Clips – Automatically captures your best moments

Google Clips

Google Clips: Google has introduced a new product at an event ” Made By Google” by Google. They have introduced a new camera named “Google Clips”, this will capture your best moments automatically when something exciting happens around your surroundings, Then this Google new Clips will automatically start the recording and will be saved. The users can able to put this product anywhere and check it later to see what it recorded.

The recorded clips will be automatically saved to will be uploaded to Google Photos. here you will get the unlimited video storage. To use this product no need of internet connection but your device must be connected to it.

Google New Clips will record 3 Hours of footage until you charge it back. By using this Googles Clip you can able to take Photos and make your life with an extraordinary moment. This Google New Clip will be priced at $249(Rs. 16,230).

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